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Basil Bautovich.
Director – CONSENG Pty Ltd
.................INVISA-BEAM INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd
Dip. Mech. Eng. , MIE Aust., CPEng

Basil Bautovich is an innovative engineer with diverse skills. After graduating, he worked for a number of firms in Melbourne - Kraft Foods, CIG, State Electricity Commission of Victoria and Brick & Pipe Industries.

In 1969, Basil was appointed Divisional Engineer for the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation [CSIRO], Australia ’s foremost research body. His role included workshop management, design of equipment for research scientists and site management. He introduced a number of new initiatives including energy management, ISDN PABX and site security. The tilting chassis-sliding tray truck is one of Basil’s early inventions, and now used worldwide.

After leaving CSIRO in 1993, Basil, along with his wife, Kay, formed their own consulting business, CONSENG Pty Ltd. Much of his consultancy work was for Technico Pty Ltd. This included participation in the development of their potato technology and the design of local and overseas facilities.

In 2002, Basil focused his skills designing a bed monitor to help prevent his elderly Mother from having nightly falls getting out of bed unaided. With much research, trialing and testing, he invented the unique bed monitor – INVISA-BEAM.

In 2007 Basil and Kay formed the new company INVISA-BEAM INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd to manufacture and market INVISA-BEAM products.

A colleague recently said of Basil, “He is a real perfectionist and sees the job through to the very end”. This sums up Basil’s inventive skills.

"The Proof of Concept grant undertaken as part of this Project is proudly assisted by the Australian Capital Territory Government."

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